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Always Best Care is a national brand that's also the fastest growing Senior Care franchise system in the country.

Our brand is one of the most recognized and respected in the industry - and here's what it means to you as an Always Best Care franchise owner ...

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share some great feedback we received when we went into an area hospital. Our ABC Marketing rep went in with her usual vim and vigor, ready to present the company to the supervisor of case managers. She said she was a little concerned the first 30 seconds as the lady rolled her eyes as if to say "here we go again" but then our rep said the magic words "Always Best Care Senior Services" and the supervisor looked at her with immediate interest and said, "Oh, that company is in California, I know about this company!" Per our representative, the supervisor scooped up every brochure she had and said we'd be hearing from them with excitement in her voice!

Mary Weathers, RM

Bunnel, FL

To the ABC Family:

ABC is brand new in Iowa and we are putting together our own client base,

but I wanted to share with you a quick story today. We just signed a 50 hour per week in-home care client. They had never heard of ABC. The daughter

(a former County Attorney) of the client called around the country to some friends in the medical profession to see if anyone had heard of Always Best Care. Here is what she heard: Very responsive, always following up, professional, and excellent.

THANK YOU for doing your job so well. The new owners all appreciate the hard work you put in everyday and this is evidence that we are making a difference.

Martin A. Timm

Waterloo, IA

Always Best Care combines non-medical in-home care, assisted living placement services and skilled home health care to create three potential revenue streams for our franchisees.

Best of all, these revenue streams all flow from the same referral sources!

With Always Best Care, you'll gain immediate immersion in your territory as you develop your inventory of many types of assisted living communities.

You'll quickly become a local expert and gain greater credibility with your key referral

sources because you already know the market.

And you'll develop immediate revenue sources to jump start your business and

benefit from diversified revenue streams as you grow.

State Licensing

Your Always Best Care franchise development specialist will provide you with the contact information in your state to help you prepare for any state licensure requirements. We will also provide access to the nation's top health care licensure consultants to advise you on the most cost effective and time efficient procedures for acquiring your license and launching your business.

Corporate Support

From our corporate team in Roseville, California (just outside Sacramento), Always Best Care drives new initiatives, extensive training for you and your staff, sales performance metrics, marketing, national accounts, turn-key operating technology, national research associations, system wide benchmarking, and third party customer satisfaction support.

Local Support

Your local Area Representative, headquartered and living in your region, will provide ongoing strategic planning, mentoring, communications and team building for you and your business

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