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Always Best Care franchise owners can utilize technology in their sales and marketing efforts to bring the power of national strategies to their local markets.

ABC Franchisee Customizable Website

Each franchisee receives a customizable website –

Always Best Care provides the template, but you have the ability to modify, tailor and adapt to various technologies to meet the needs in your local marketing area.

With Always Best Care, you’ll learn to implement turn-key Internet marketing strategies, including the finest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs, Search Engine Marketing (SEM),

pay-per-click (PPC), and Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

Always Best Care has contracted with a major Internet search consultant to ensure that each franchisee’s website has the necessary foundation to successfully compete in the search engine marketing space and begin SEM promotion. The services provided to each franchisee include …

ABC Franchisees benefit from latest search technologies
  • Installing and registering Google Analytics in each site

  • Registering and verifying each site with Google Webmaster tools

  • Registering and verifying each site with Yahoo! Site Explorer

  • Registering and verifying each site with Bing Webmaster Central

  • Submitting XML Sitemaps

  • Optimizing title tags and descriptions

  • Including each site on 20 of the most influential local business portal

  • Submitting each site to 100 web based directories

  • Bookmarking each site on 75 of the most popular social bookmarking sites

Plus, as an Always Best Care franchisee, you’ll learn to target the Google display network in three different ways …

By Keywords -- Capture users around a topic

Your ads can appear on any Google page where the

content matches your keywords.

By Placements or Category – Capture users on specific sites

Your ads can appear specifically in places or categories that relate

to your business, or businesses you've targeted.

By Keywords + Placements – Capture users around a topic within specific sites

Your ads will appear only in places that relate to your business, and only if

those placements also match your keywords.

You’ll also learn about

Contextual or Behavioral

Targeting, which will

enable you to connect

to searchers who are

browsing relevant content.

Through the Always Best Care Franchise Management System (FMS), you’ll

have all the tools to make sure your franchise is growing according to your plan.

You’ll be able to track and measure your progress using Key Performance

Indicators (KPI) that monitor your business’s performance …

Your dashboard for success with Always Best Care

How do you rank among other Always Best Care franchises? Is your growth and

performance leading the pack – or is there room for improvement?

Always Best Care’s Franchise Management System gives you a "dashboard” to help

monitor your performance as it relates to other franchises in the system …

Keep on top of what works, what doesn’t

Within Always Best Care’s Franchise Management System, you can track

marketing and sales costs and determine what is working best for your

specific franchise. We recognize that each market is different, with its

own unique demographics, opportunities and challenges. Our approach

allows you to tailor materials and promotions for use to meet your

local needs, and determine what works best for you.

Marketing Costs ROI Analysis Report

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